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Multi-faceted protection against pollution – this comprehensive formula has been specifically developed to counteract modern-day pollutants. With an advanced fusion of anti-oxidant amplifying properties and blue-light neutralizing powers, this gentle spray-on mist forms a highly protective veil on the skin, establishing a defense barrier against environmental and digital skin aggressors. Its micro-fine droplets enable higher penetration through the skin pores, optimizing deeper reach into the lower epidermis to release its anti-oxidative, preparative and protective effects to counter internal pollution – the primary factors that compromise skin firmness and elasticity. The overall complexion is improved, transforming dull, discolored, tired-looking skin back to its healthy luminosity.

Glamorwave Vacc-Shield Defense Mist 150ml

    • Defends against blue light to prevent digital aging
    • Anti-oxidative properties help prevent the onset of premature aging
    • Shields skin from pollutants and improve skin troubles caused by environmental impurities
  • Spay directly onto the face and neck whenever needed. Gently pat in to enhance absorption.

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