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BelleWave paves its way to skin perfection through a single-minded approach: precision. 

Powered by Swiss Bio-Technology. Bellewave is an exclusive range of professional products from Switzerland which combine nature and science in the most unique way, picking exotic ingredients to address multiple skin concerns in a single facial regime.

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Planktonic Power Essencious Kit

 Awakens Skin with Precious Oceanic Treasures 

A selected blend of highly-nutritious sea vegetables and marine plankton – synergizes with algae-derived polysaccharides and a precious mineral to purify, energize and strengthen skin. The treatment intensively re-mineralizes skin and locks in hydration, enforcing the skin barrier to build stronger resilience against external aggressors.


Hydrates skin & regulates sebum levels for a clear, dewy with clarity and a soft, supple texture. 

80min  |  SGD$248 

Fermatique Brillance Essencious Kit

 Illuminates Skin with the Dynamic Power of Active Ferments 

The power of fermentation makes all the difference in this treatment – helping nutrients break through resistant barriers in skin and drive deeper into its layers. Active ferment, Precious Culture Dew™, works with moisture-binding actives and nurturing floral extracts in one synergetic combination to revitalize and restore “lit from within” luminosity.


Repairs and soothe skin to reduce redness, restore skin barriers for a revitalized and brilliant look.

80min  |  SGD$248 

Clarifique Therapy

 Purifies, Regulates & Rebalances Oily Skin 

Clarifique Therapy™ treatment provides a powerful approach to thoroughly purify and restore a healthy equilibrium to oily and troubled skin. Working straight from the core, it combines the comprehensive action of the ClariTox System with precise actives to holistically purify, regulate and rebalance skin in a transformational 3-pronged approach that is essential for clear and flawless skin


Visible and Lasting Benefits:

•  Eliminates dead surface build-up, unclogs pores and regulates healthy sebum production

•  Purifies skin and decongests deeply-embedded impurities

•  Strengthens skin’s defense system to prevent the reformation of congestion and breakouts

100min  |  SGD$298 

Prismatique Glow

 Evokes Translucence and Glow with Infinite Luminescent 

This intensive glow system is engineered to achieve glass-like translucence skin – driven by an ultra-stabilized active form of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione supplemented by 24K Submicrometric Gold Particles carrier resulting in a formulation that infinitely regenerates antioxidants.


Visible and Lasting Benefits:

  • Achieve glass-like translucency and unified tone

  • Visibly re-energized dull, lifeless skin for a healthy complexion

  • Replenishes moisture levels in skin with a boost of nutrients for a plump, supple and noticeably long-lasting dewy skin

100min  |  SGD$298 (includes microneedling)

Seed Affinity Essencious Kit

 Revives Skin with the Bursting Goodness of Seed Nutrients 

A powerhouse of six seeds – to work in harmony to hydrate, firm and plump up facial contours. Seeds from Cranberries, Strawberries and Raspberries strengthen weakened skin with a continuous supply of essential fatty acids – ensuring healthy collagen and elastin levels to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Natural emollients, Olive, Rapeseed and Soy, create a lipid-rich network on skin’s surface and help build resilience to external stress.


Relieves signs of aging like dullness, dryness and fatigue. Skin looks younger, longer.

80min  |  SGD$238 

H20smotique Therapy

For Dry & Dehydrated Skin. Achieves Nourished and Soft Skin.

The ultimate source of hydration for dry and dehydrated skin, our powerful H2Osmotique Therapy™ treatment delivers an avalanche of intense moisture to skin in an instant. The 5-step meticulous treatment features a plethora of hydro-intelligent actives that completely immerse skin in moisture, soothing sensitivities and restoring suppleness all at once.

100min  |  SGD$29

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