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Superior Full-Spectrum Sun Protection for Advanced Age Defense

This lightweight sun protector represents a superior innovation that protects skin from the sun's noxious UV rays, while offering brightening benefits as well. The non-greasy, light texture sits comfortably on skin while offering full-specturm sun shielding. The formula is strengthened with Vitamins A and E to help fight free radicals and infuse skin with moisture and nourishment. Be empowered with effective sun protection all day.

SunWave UV Extra DNA De-Tox UV (Block White, SPF 45/PA+++) 35ml

  • Every morning, dab a small amount on thoroughly cleansed and toned face and neck and smooth on evenly. Repeat frequently with prolonged exposure to sun.

    • Prevent against skin damage from free radicals & environmental pollutants with the broad-spectrum protection against noxious UVA and UVB rays
    • Reduce oxidation of the collagen matrix under skin
    • Retains water in skin for optimal moisture & keeps it smooth & supple
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