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Anti-Pollution Repair Concentrate

Repair concentrate with active ingredients that act on the aggressive agents found in cities. Formulated with an active ingredient that creates a protective barrier to block pollution and PM 2.5 particles; Red Cranberry stem cells to prevent photo-aging and repair skin, and Algaktiv® Zen, which fights against oxidative stress.

ANESI Urban Blue Defense Serum 30ml

  • Functions:

    Shields blue lights, repairs oxidative damages and protects against external aggression

    1. Protects skin against pollution.
    2. Reduces the signs of photo-aging
    3. Restores the circadian cycles.


    ALGAKTIV®protects against signs of stress in the skin.

    LINGOSTEM™prevents and repairs oxidation in the skin.

    BAYCUSAN® : screen against pollution.

    HYALURONIC ACIDdeep skin hydration.

    How to Use:

    Apply to perfectly cleansed face and neck before applying skincare cream.


    • Skin deeply hydrated and repaired.
    • Dual protective and repair action.
    • Powerful antioxidant effect.
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