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Anti-pigment concentrate

Topical concentrate formulated from the anti-pigment active ingredient Gatuline® Spot Light and HGH and GM-CSF growth factors, visibly reducing the density, size and tone of skin spots.

ANESI Luminosity Eraser 10ml

  • Functions:

    1. Reduces the size and tone of dark spots (96%).
    2. Visibly reduces age spots (93%).
    3. Restores brightness to the skin (97%).


    GATULINE SPOT LIGHT: Targets the skin's dermal and epidermal layers, visibly reducing the density, size and tone of skin spots. Their combined use visible reduces all types of hyperpigmentation.

    MULTIEFECT 3R HGH AND GM-CSF:Extremely pure growth factors.

    PLANT TGF SS2Plant TGF ß2:  Biotech active ingredient that restores the dermal structure of the skin.

    How to Use:

    Apply morning and night to perfectly cleansed skin, directly onto spots, before applying skincare cream and/or sunscreen.


    • The highest synergistic concentration of active ingredients to target the origin of skin spots in both the dermal and epidermal layers.
    • Contoured applicator adapted to allow easy application of product directly on the skin spot.
    • Silky and fast-absorbing gel texture.
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