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Skin receives the ultimate in protection with this cream, concocted with a powerful formula that was inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres. This age-defying treatment envelops skin in a satiny soft veil; unleashing a plethora of youth-inducing actives that help reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines, rejuvenate tired skin and amp up hydration levels. Experience firmer, suppler and moisturized skin as the cream superbly works to guard skin’s youthfulness.

GlamorWave Stem-Cellogist TX TeloDefense Youth Cream 30ml

  • Protects Skin against Ravages of Aging & Restores Youthfulness

    Reduce the depth of wrinkles & fine lines as skin is youthfully rejuvenated

    Increases skin tonicity & plumps skin up with hydration and the power of youth

    Protects natural skin barrier functions & enables skin to hold on to moisture more effectively

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