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A cutting-edge treatment system that has been strategically engineered to strengthen the skin’s defenses against modern-day pollution. Vacc-netique Defense System is a complete 360° solution that expunges pollutants from skin while buffering up anti-oxidant protection from within. The powers of magnetic force fields are combined with the extraordinary purifying capabilities of Dead Sea minerals to purge pollutants and heavy metals from the deepest crevices of pores.

Skin is further protected with Artic-derived extracts that block the penetration of invisible blue-light emissions, reducing the damaging effects of digital screens that cause premature skin aging. Skin is fortified and protected against environmental stressors, and complexion returns to its healthy luminosity.

Bellewave Vacc-Netique with GUASA

  • Rejuvenates skin by purging urban skin pollutants

    Protects against urban and digital pollutants to help maintain skin youth

    Revitalizes the complexion by boosting elasticity

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