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Evokes Translucence and Glow with Infinite Luminescent Actives.


This intensive glow system is engineered to create the ideal conditions to achieve glass-like translucence skin – driven by an ultra-stabilized active form of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione supplemented by 24K Submicrometric Gold Particles carrier resulting in a formulation that infinitely regenerates antioxidants.

This remarkable mechanism promotes a continuous, long-lasting glow
and radiance. The unique Cryo-lyophilized (freeze-dried) masque
preserves the potency of its skin-reconditioning ingredients in a
macromolecular membrane derived from natural Eucalyptus plant fibers.

A shot of energy from ActiFusion Water re-awakens the embedded
actives, delivering a plethora of moisture-boosting benefits deep into the skin.

The combination of advanced active ingredients and innovative delivery pathway augments this 4-step approach to immediately help skin achieve a translucence trifecta of unified tone, dewy complexion, and re-energized glow.

  • 24K C-Luminance Power Dose
  • 24K C-Brilliance Creme
  • ActiRelease Glow Masque + ActiFusion Water

Bellewave Prismatique Glow with mirco needle

    • Powered by an infinite regenerating antioxidant to achieve glass-like translucency and unified tone
    • Visibly re-energized dull, lifeless skin for a healthy complexion
    • Replenishes moisture levels in skin with a boost of nutrients for a plump, supple and noticeably long-lasting dewy skin
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