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Lotion for all skin types that effectively removes make-up, freshens and provides the skin with 3-dimensional intelligent hydration for unique radiance and vitality.

ANESI 3D Aqua Toner HA+ 200ml

  • Functions: 

    1. Optimally purifies the skin, removing any last traces of milk cleanser.
    2. Tones and refreshes the skin, unclogging pores.
    3. Moisturises the skin from the beginning of the make-up removal process.


    3D HYDRA APS 3-dimensional hydrating active ingredient.

    CELLDETOX® : Natural detoxifier.

    HAMAMELIS EXTRACT With protective action on blood vessels.

    CHAMOMILE EXTRACT Decongestant and soothing.

    AJIDEW Physiological moisturising agent for the skin.

    DSH CN Biotechnological compound of Organic Silicon and Hyaluronic Acid.

    How to Use:

    At morning and night, after using Aqua Vital(cleanser), rub a cotton pad soaked in the lotion on the face and neck.


    • Formula suitable for all skin types.
    • The skin instantly becomes clearer and brighter.
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