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This fast-acting formulation is a quick fix for breakouts, featuring a skin renewing complex that accelerates the recovery of blemishes. Containing naturally derived spot-targeting and skin soothing actives, it effectively and rapidly controls skin outbreaks and redness, thereby reducing the chances of scarring to maintain a smooth and spotless complexion.

ClearWave 72H Blemish Spot Clarifier 15ml

  • Functions:

    1. This treatment gel targets imperfections at root source.Provides intensive targeted action on oily skin and blemishes
    2. Actively exfoliates skin to lighten and unify the complexion
    3. Calms and tones skin to ease signs of irritation


    Salicylic Acid : Dissolves oil from clogged pores while gently boosting cell renewal.

    Vitamin B3 : Actively soothes inflammation and reducing the appearances of pimples.

    How to Use:

    Every morning and evening, dab a thin layer on blemish spots


    • High-performing without being harsh, skin is freed from blemishes and scars.
    • Speedily shrinks existing blemishes
    • Minimizes risk of scarring
    • Reduces outbreaks for a flawless appearance
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